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We help entrepreneurs create a lifestyle of their dreams.

To thrive and excel in today’s business environment, you have to be able to think out of the box. 

We love to be able to help others to realize their dreams! Anyone can do it no matter  your age, sex, education or believes . We don’t sell, we tell! Just learn how!

Did you know that there is a third legal option to generate an income in perpetuity ? The first is to work for boss and the second starting your own business. Now you can use this brilliant concept as a input output tool and really create your dreams! you are in control of your financial future!

Warren Buffet and several others see  the it as the distribution system of the future, because you just need a commitment to succeed to become financially free! 

In 1997 I was working as a Public Relations Officer at a School, when one of my colleagues gave me a video with a business plan on it. I was really thrilled about it, but on the other hand, very scared as I did not know anything about this marketing system.  I decided to check it out and called the Reserve Bank of SA, the Financial Service Board, the DSA (Direct selling Association) and even sent the information to a Charted Accountant working at Coopers & Leibrandt  and all of them told me to go for it.   I then made the decision to make this new venture work for me in spite of all the comments and warnings of the naysayers that I was working with.

Today I still believe that this was the best decision that I have ever made in my whole life! It set us free from working for any body else but myself (and the naysayers are still working at the school or unemployed) . The travel incentives gave me wings! We have been in 17 different countries in the world and without this business this would not at all be possible!

The Head Offices is situated in Bryanston, Johannesburg and they use technology to run business presentations  and training almost every day of the week (for free) and all the information is available on line. So you can build a huge business in the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.


We are training thousands of people to take responsibility for their own financial freedom by working together as a team, creating a true residual income in  perpetuity.  We use leverage to multiply your time and efforts and each person has exactly the same benefits and possibilities.

Major companies are involved with our unique marketing system. It offers a win-win situation for everyone involved.  The team members get their products and services directly from the service providers cutting out the middle man and the product & service providers are very happy for they only pay marking costs once a product or service is sold.

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We don’t sell anything but tell people about this innovative, money generating, system and then the company place their products with them if they are interested. In return, you get paid whenever they get a payment from it.  All the products are financial products that people need, want and pay  by debit order every month and will most probably use it for the rest of their lives!  And wallah; they have created a residual income stream that could be passed on to your children.  

Because we are working as a team together,  you do benefit from your team’s efforts as well.  I would rather earn 1% on 100 people’s efforts then 100% of my own (according to John Paul Getty). This is what this remarkable system is offering you. By  registering your own business for free,  you get full access to the system without paying a single sent. You can then  tell others about this unique system and if they in turn join, you will benefit on their efforts as well, without you having to pay them. (The registered company is doing all that), and this leaves you free to focus on expanding your business and watch how your income grows and grows. There are no limits, no hidden costs, no stock, warehousing, delivery, etc. All our products and services are needed and wanted by all of us.   Just think about buying groceries: You do it every day/week/month and will do so most probably for the rest of your life!  do I need to say more?

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